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Build your next cosplay in a 6000 sq foot maker space! Get 8 hours of access to WiFi, 3D printers, dremmels, hot glue, belt sanders, large tables, sewing machines & much more. But best of all, get acquainted with skilled cosplayers just like you, that you can bounce ideas off of or can help take your props/costumes to the nest level.

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Phone: (978) 238-9337
Address: 47 Lee St, Lowell, Massachusetts 01852

Our Location

Welcome to GiveWave Studios’s cosplay and props video tutorials! Here, you can watch helpful videos about all kinds of useful tools, materials and crafting techniques!

Prefer buying a prop?

Sometimes, time is of the essence. Lucky you, there are plenty of cool stuff you can pick up from the shop ^_^

Have some questions?

Sorry If I forgot to mention something during any tutorial. Fret not, for I may already have an answer!

Have a tutorial idea?

I have a lot of ideas, but I’m sure many of you have some cool ones. Hit me up, let’s talk about it.

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