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Build your next cosplay in a 6000 sq foot maker space! Get 8 hours of access to WiFi, 3D printers, dremmels, hot glue, belt sanders, large tables, sewing machines & much more. But best of all, get acquainted with skilled cosplayers just like you, that you can bounce ideas off of or can help take your props/costumes to the nest level.

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Phone: (978) 238-9337
Address: 47 Lee St, Lowell, Massachusetts 01852

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We specialize in light weight & convention safe high quality props and accessories built through a variety of disciplines including but not limited to, EVA foam, 3d printing, casting/moulding etc. Most commissioned projects are delivered complete, painted, weathered sealed & ready to use, but depending on budget I can offer raw props for clients where the finishing is done by the recipient. I’m also happy to provide other services such as custom painting of props for interesting projects and patterning for props as well as laser cut DIY kits.

Please use this contact form or my email ([email protected]) to get in touch about commissions. I will require a formal email even if you’ve reached out through social media channels.


After the commission inquiry form has been submitted, please wait up to 7 business days for a response. You will be contacted with a detailed quote, as well as inquiries for more information. The quote will include a rough idea of materials, basic plans, and other important details. After a contract signed, the project will be added to the production calendar and photo updates will be sent at significant milestones.

Please submit your commission request well in advance. Finished props and accessories may take up to 2 months and shipping time could take 2 weeks.


Once the terms of the project are decided upon, 50% deposit is required to reserve time and begin project, this is a non-refundable amount. Should a commission need to be cancelled, 75% of initial deposit shall be refunded within 7 days of commission placement. No refunds will be given after 7 days. The final 50% fee is due prior to shipping.

Due to the nature of custom work, I cannot accept returns for my items. All items over $500 will be shipped with enough insurance to cover their cost in their entirety. If something breaks during shipping, it is your responsibility to file a claim with USPS to get your insured amount back. If something seems wrong or missing, photo evidence must be submitted within 5 days, and if fault is my own I will in most cases make arrangements to have the item sent back so the issue can be addressed.


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