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Build your next cosplay in a 6000 sq foot maker space! Get 8 hours of access to WiFi, 3D printers, dremmels, hot glue, belt sanders, large tables, sewing machines & much more. But best of all, get acquainted with skilled cosplayers just like you, that you can bounce ideas off of or can help take your props/costumes to the nest level.

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Phone: (978) 238-9337
Address: 47 Lee St, Lowell, Massachusetts 01852

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Will this fit XxXx ?

Most items I sell in the shop can be scaled up/down to fit different body types, usually at no extra charge … but please contact me prior to placing your order to assure everything is as it should be ^_^

Can I return a purchased item ?

The short answer is no. Most items sold in my shop are “Made to Order” and because time and great care are put into making each individual piece as well as describing the product accurately, refunds/returns are not accepted … see my shipping/return policies for more info.

IF by any chance you receive an item with something missing I will expedite the missing part as soon as notified, and if this causes you to miss a deadline or my item does not ship on time, then and only then, the fault being my own, will I honor a refund after the item is returned

Do you take Commissions / Personalized orders?

Absolutely ^_^ … in which case, please feel free to send me a message with your request accompanied by reference pictures and we can figure out pricing and project timeline.

Can you change listing XYZ to fit xXxX

This is a tricky one … technically yes, but, there is a fee associated with this request, as there is no guarantee that I can sell that item once made in the future after spending time catering it to xXxX parameters.

This example applies mostly to 3D printed items like phone cases etc

" I know this is last minute/crunch but could you xyz ... "

I get it, I cosplay as well & know all too well the woes of finishing/trying to put something together last minute. I am however also a business 1st & foremost & usually have a fair amount of projects with their own deadlines throughout the year that I need to take time away from to service these requests.

In short “YES” I can usually get things out faster than the timeline I list them for but I charge a rush fee of $45 (per item) + 20% of the item’s retail cost, however i include priority 2-3 day shipping for FREE (US only). But even then, it’s going to depend on my production schedule whether I can take your rush request in or not.

So feel free to inquire, but know that requests may be accepted/turned down depending on availability.

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