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Plumbob light up DIY Kit ( SIMS )

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Feeling lazy ? not into dressing up? want MAXIMUM impact with MINIMAL effort !!! Welps GiveWave Studios’ got you covered with these easy 6 step SIMS plumbob DIY kits which serve as great wearable prop for Halloween, conventions or themed parties.

Open/close via strong neodymium rare earth magnets, battery operated & 9 in. tall for max impact & visibility


  • Comes with 2x 3d printed halves, 1x pressure fit disc, 1x protective foam disc & 1x nut, bolt, washer
  • Hand assembled item
  • Materials: 3D printed PLA, led lights, glue, Neodymium magnets
  • Made to order
  • Ships in 7-14 days
Exchanges accepted but exceptions may apply.
See return policy



A crowd pleaser every time I’ve worn it out, I’ve decided to share the joy after doing some serious upgrades to my first version of these. Now equipped with magnetic enclosures and pressure fit base for easy attachment to any headwear, these 3D printed “SIM” Plumbobs are the simplest, easiest but mostly eye catchiest accessory to any costume or lack thereof ^_^.

They come pre-assembled with neodymium magnets for a secure snap closure and can be used as storage or drop in some of the included self-powered LED lights for realistic video game glow at your next costumed event !!!

There are 8 color variations available …

• RED • MAGENTA • GREEN • WHITE (clear) • NEON YELLOW • BLUE • ORANGE • DELUXE featuring Glow in the Dark shell, smd 5050 LEDs, rechargeable battery pack ( lasts 4-6 hrs ) and remote control to change your mood at will ^_^

Pick your favorite and express your mood just like in the game ^_^.

**NOTE: because of all its electrical components DELUXE version is more top heavy than the regular versions and requires very tight fitting headgear to be worn properly/efficiently ( YOU’VE BEEN ADVISED )

Check Youtube Tutorial for assembly instructions or continue reading below


1. At the middle top of your headwear, create an opening about the size of the inner hole of the short stem of the bottom diamond half.

2. Place the bottom half of the diamond onto your headwear over the hole you just created.

3. Align the circular plate on the inside of you headwear to the stem on the outside.

4. Reinforce the stability of the diamond by putting the included bolt through the stem, pressure fit disc & washer. Screw in tightly to nut ( optional ) on the inside … careful not to overtighten.

5. (OPTIONAL but highly recommended) glue a thin layer of foam to the bottom of the circular plate (the surface that will make contact to your head) for comfort and additional support.

6. Turn on lights, close and Enjoy the easiest costume you’ve ever made ^_^

Shipping & returns

Ready to ship in 1–2 weeks
From the United States
Exchanges accepted but exceptions may apply.
See return policy

Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 1 in

Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Black, Magenta, Glow in the Dark (White)


Baby, Dainty, Regular, Deluxe


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